Joseph Mthethwa
What would I call my whole life in one word? It's "Seriously?"

I was born in Eritrea into a very poor family, we didn't even have money for food. But I knew from a young age that I could change my life. I lost both of my parents when I was 13, they wanted to earn some money to send me to school, but they got into the wrong company and they were killed. I spent the next 2 years moonlighting wherever I could and studying from every book I could get my hands on in parallel.

I found out that a friend of mine wanted to go to America and I was ready to give anything to make him take me with him. It wasn't that easy, but we made it to America and I was shocked by its magnitude. I had only seen something like this in books before. I was able to find hard work on the first day, but I thought it was a wonderful opportunity. I was a hard worker, and I was appreciated in the team. Every night I studied, I became very interested in entrepreneurship.

After 3 years, an acquaintance of mine suggested that I start a business. We opened a tire fitting shop. We started to grow and expand.

But in 2011 I was accused of a horrible murder of a girl, which I did not do, and was given a life sentence in prison. I believed that sooner or later I would be acquitted and continued my studies in prison.

In 2020 there was new evidence in my case and in 2021 I was acquitted and released from prison.

Literally 5 days after my release I fell ill with COVID-19. I was very sick and on the verge of life and death, but my faith helped me. I believed that this was not the end.

Now I am healthy and I am going to open a small eateries. I am desperately short of the money I earned while in prison for this, but I believe that there are people who care about my story and you can help me. After I open, I will be happy to treat you to some of the tastiest pies around.
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