Cryptocurrency for
the BLM's initiatives
Reliable and transparent blockchain token to support social projects of the charity organisations globally
We are on a mission
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2.5% Redistribution
Every quarter, 2.5% of all tokens from the charity giver wallet are distributed equally between partner charity fund wallets.
How to buy
1/ Create a wallet in MetaMask, WalletConnect, CoinBase Wallet, Formatic or Portis.
2/ Buy or send ETH to your wallet
3/ Swap ETH to BLMCT in Uniswap
Why blockchain technologies?
Total transparency
Global and decentralised
Digital agreements
Reduced expenses
Reduced taxes

Our Roadmap

Vision, research and preparation
For more than four months, we spent a large team immersing ourselves in the topic, researching the issues, and shaping our vision. On the way out, we are confident that this is the right product for the market.
Attract 10 charity organisations
3/10 Сompleted
Now we are actively communicating with charitable foundations. They are the base of our token. And we are really making progress in this direction.
Token Launch
September 2021
Cheers! The token will be on sale, and you can be part of the big story.
Listing CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko
November 2021
These are obligatory steps to confirm our commitment.
BLM NFT Marketplace
Q3 2022
The next goal is to create an NFT marketplace for black artists. We know that there are so many brilliant black creators out there and we want to help them find collectors for their art.
Our team
Our team consists of 19 professionals in various fields, including blockchain,
new technologies, charity and social projects.

For all communications — Richard Emah.

+1 (347) 796 43 41
Richard Emah
VP Business Development & Partnership
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What is BLMCT?
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